Donegal Sinn Féin -- Building an Ireland of Equals


Sinn Féin Policy on the Environment

Sinn Féin is committed to creating environmental standards on a co-ordinated island-wide basis. Read full document

Educate that you may be free

Education is central to the egalitarian ideals of Sinn Féin's political project. While Ireland's education systems have in the past borne some of the responsibility for reproducing inequality, Sinn Féin believes an Irish education system can be an essential instrument for the building of an Ireland of equals. Read full document

Health for all

Health for All sets out Sinn Fein's proposals for the creation of an all-Ireland equitable healthcare system. Read full document

Women in an Ireland of Equals

Women are the largest group of those who have been excluded from the benefits of the Celtic Tiger economy. Households headed by lone parents and by older women remain at high risk of poverty and structural inequalities continue to trap many women in low paid, part-time employment. Sinn Féin is committed to Building an Ireland of Equals. Read full document

Housing for all - a basic right

Sinn Féin believes that the right to shelter, to affordable quality accommodation is a basic inalienable right. Social policy should be centred on delivering this basic right. Legislation should promote and safeguard the entitlements of tenants and home buyers rather than the rights of property speculators exploiting people's essential needs. Read full document

Sinn Féin's International Department

Sinn Féin's International brief falls into four distinct areas of the peace process, world debt, neutrality, and people in struggle. Read full document

Justice & the Community

It is the state's responsibility to ensure that every citizen feels safe in their own homes and in their own communities. It is also the right of every citizen to expect that public servants and elected representatives carry out their obligations in an impartial and objective manner. Read full document

Irish Language

The potential for the development of the arts, cultural and leisure sectors in Ireland is immense. Recent political developments, particularly of an all-island nature, could be underpinned by the inclusive and unique scope of Irish arts and culture. Furthermore, a more integrated, imaginative and innovative arts and culture policy could open up markets which generate indigenous business and craft sectors and also serve as a dynamic to reinvigorate Irish culture in general. Read full document

Preparing for Irish Unity

As the only party organised throughout the 32 counties, and with elected representation at all levels of democracy in Ireland, we are working to make Irish unity a reality in our lifetime. Read full document

Securing a future for farming and rural Ireland

There is a pressing need to formulate a strategy on farming and the wider issue of rural development. Such a strategy needs to be built up and developed by the communities directly affected by rural under-development. We believe that its core objective should be to break the cumulative cycle that starts with population decline, leading to a reduced demand for services, which leads to fewer employment opportunities and ultimately migration out of rural areas. Read full document

A socially inclusive Ireland

Sinn Féin advocates the right to social, economic, gender and cultural equality. This encompasses equality for all, irrespective of race, age, marital or family status, sexual orientation, physical or mental capacities, ethnicity, social origin, political or religious affiliations, or membership of the Travelling Community. Read full document

Sinn Féin Policy on the Economy

A new social and economic order in Ireland will cherish all our people equally and prize equality and social justice. Read full document