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Castlefin Protest against Budget Cuts - Harvey

Published: 8 January, 2012

"Enough is Enough - If they can't run the Country without attacking local services and stealing from the ordinary citizen then Get Out" - Harvey.

Sinn Fein County Councillor Cora Harvey attended the protest in Castlefin organised by local man Seamus Kee, approximately 200 turned out for the protest.

Addressing the crowd Cllr Harvey said:

"We say No to the Household Charge, No to Septic Tank Charges, No to CE cuts, No to cuts in Child Benefit, No to cuts in Social Housing and No to Cuts in Disability,
We Say No to this because there is another way and we urge the Government to look at other ways, in our costed Budget proposals we put forward other ways, still reducing the deficit without household charges and benefit cuts.
Let's be clear, the only reason we are paying these charges is because of poor negotiations and poor decision making, not to mention the party that was on that we weren't invited too yet we have been sent the bill.
We know that the deficit has to be reduced but smart political decisions have to be made not lazy ill thought out legislation which implores ordinary people to pick up the tab.
They expect to raise 160 million from the Household charge - why don't they cap public servants wages at 100,000 per annum and save 265 million
Or introduce a wealth Tax of 1% on all assets in excess of 1 Million, excluding working farmland which raises 800 million.
Why won't the Government make these types of decisions, I'll tell u why, because they get a clap on the back from investors, developers and bankers for austerity and the last Government were highly praised by other EU leaders when they introduced the USC, as other EU Leaders chanted "We wouldn't get away with that."
Cllr Harvey Continued,
"Budget 2012 has brought untold hardship to the vulnerable and struggling families across the State. Everyday a government minister trots out the line that we don't have the money for special needs assistants for our vulnerable kids or to properly care for disabled children.
"Yet these very same ministers have decided that we do have enough money to pay scandalously high salaries for senior civil servants, bankers, senior managers of public bodies and of course unguaranteed speculative bondholders.
Whilst they pass the Household charge on ordinary low and middle class families, the Fine Gael Government sign off on a salary of 250,000 for the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, - exceeding the pay ceiling set by Fine Gael - all because "he is Worth it."
"Excessive pay across the highest echelons of the public sector, including publically funded bodies has not been tackled by Fine Gael and Labour in Government; instead they have tinkered around the edges feigning reform.
"Sinn Féin has been consistent in its opposition to this unfair Household Charge.
The bill was rammed through without proper debate, is the latest example of ordinary families having to bail out casino capitalism.
The public have had to endure several harsh budgets. While Sinn Féin respects and stands by the decision of those who cannot pay or choose not to pay the charge, we are not calling for non-payment.
We are very mindful at a time when many citizens are struggling to make ends meet, not to lead householders down a road to greater hardship through fines for non-payment.
This tax is unfair and as our pre-budget alternative has shown it is not required and so should not have been introduced.
I beg our Government TD's and legislators to get this reversed do your job instead of innocent people having to make decisions of non-payment.
People see this for what it is - a bank bailout.
The minister plundered the local government fund to make €164 million available for bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank and now he intends replacing this money with €160 million raised through the household charge.
This piracy will bankrupt many local authorities who simply cannot afford to depend on the household charge because this will be almost impossible to collect.
Cllr Harvey Concluded:
That is why Sinn Fein in Donegal County Council has huge issue in accepting The County Budget for 2012, because by accepting the Budget we are accepting that we have to pay the 100 to make up the shortfall in the local Government fund.
We have been criticized for taking this stand, but enough is enough, I wasn't elected to mop up the mess by Fianna Fail or do the dirty work for Labour and Fine Gael. Do your own dirty work. - if you can't run the County without attacking local services and stealing for the ordinary citizen then GET OUT."